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Friday, 17 February 2017

How To Triple Your Efforts When You Do SEO For Your Blog?

If you look like most bloggers, you're probably wondering how you can produce tremendous results, like other retired bloggers. Or, you're trying to boost your blog seriously, but you're not sure how to do it well.
Fortunately, this success is not achieved with luck - it is the direct result of a series of efforts that you can apply to your own blog.
If you are looking to increase your SEO, blogging is the first step and this is the most important. According to HubSpot, bloggers who blog often earn 97% more inbound links than those who do not. Additionally, those who publish more than 16 blog articles every month get about 3.5 times more traffic than those who publish fewer than four articles each month.
Keep reading to learn a little more about the importance of SEO in blogging and how you can triple your SEO efforts through good quality articles.

Blogging: Why is it so important for SEO?

When it comes to SEO, there is probably nothing more important than blogging. For content to be well ranked, there must be content in the first place, and various blogging industry leaders have shown that blogging regularly brings success.
According to HubSpot, those who publish more than 11 articles each month get three times more traffic on their site compared to those who only post one article per month.
It is obvious that the frequency of articles on your blog really matters and that to boost traffic and improve SEO, you must produce relevant and useful content on a regular basis.
One of the main reasons for this is that old blog posts remain long after they have been published. In fact, when HubSpot conducted a study on their own blog traffic, they found that 90% of subscribers on their blogs came from old articles.
That said, it is possible to generate traffic in both equal and older content as well as new content as soon as you know how to create content that is interesting and valuable.

How to blog by working SEO?

Now that you know the importance of blogging for SEO, here are 5 tips to help you better blog and get better results.

1 - Create quality content

This may seem obvious, but creating content is one of the most important aspects in SEO. This is because every article you write adds a new SEO page that has the potential to be indexed t well ranked by Google.
Additionally, each new article can be optimized with unique long tail keywords that allow bloggers to create pages with plenty of opportunities to rank well. Blogs also offer the opportunity to have good quality backlinks and a lot of organic traffic on your site.

2 - Write catchy titles

If you do well, every article you write can create good quality traffic that can get you noticed. Unfortunately, most people do not do it well. This is because they only focus on having content written and published rather than creating viral content that maintains its value. The first secret is to make sure that your titles are irresistible.
Eight out of 10 people read the titles while only two out of 10 read the article copy so you can bet that people will click on your blog if you have a good headline.
Once you know how to write catchy headlines, you need to make sure that your content has a correct length. On this blog articles are usually between 1000-3000 words, and Buzzsumo found that some of the most popular articles ranged between 3000-10,000 words.

3 - Solve the problem of readers

No matter the quality of your content or your shock titles, this is not going to bring you SEO and success if it does not belong directly to your readers. This means that in order for your efforts in blogging to play on your positioning through SEO, you must very well understand your audience. You should know what interests them and what problems they are struggling with, and you should be able to synthesize new content ideas that will help them make their lives easier.
Go to BuzzSumo to find new content ideas. BuzzSumo allows users to type in keywords and lets you see what other topics have become viral on social networks.
Another good tool for this same purpose is Ubersuggest , which is fantastic to find ideas for blog articles and as it claims itself "the keyword suggestion steroids for Google. "

4 - Write Timeless Articles

It's one thing to have attractive items but it's downright different when it comes to keeping their value for months or years. This is where timeless items come into play.
According to the Moz website, the timeless items offer "continuous and lasting success. To put it another way, the timeless content does not take account of a temporary trend and it is only a matter of publishing old content again. On the contrary, it is content that will always remain current no matter what years pass.

5 - Use the keywords of the long troll

The keywords of the long tail are and have always been a great trafficking factor for bloggers. Many site get huge traffic after optimizing their content with keywords from the long tail. To optimize content with long tail keywords, it is important to create content that has done research, long enough, that has value that uses your keywords in a natural way.
Since the long tail keywords show you what your users are looking to do, there is a high probability that content optimized for them will produce good results. In addition, these keywords can help you understand how to better structure content to solve a user's problems or provide value with that content for their needs.


While increasing traffic through SEO can be confusing, it is obvious that blogging really has a great impact on SEO. Follow these 5 tips to help you better blog, get in the rankings in the search engines to have more traffic. Happy blogging!

Why Your E-commerce Site needs Google Map? Importance of Google map

According to Google, 97% of customers search online local stores which are close to home. Amazing, is not it? In this open world of applications, Google Map is a heavyweight. This is the most popular application, with 54% of smartphone users who use it to know where they need to go.
If you have a physical outlet, you can not ignore this simple and free way to have your business on the card. When your business is registered, you help your customers find you on Google's different channels such as Google Map, Google Search and Google +, and drive more traffic to your store.
With 50% of smartphone users using a map application (Google Maps being most likely) to find retail stores and 74% of smartphone users using location services, In addition relevant since the sale of smartphones continues. Customers use both Google and Google Maps to find restaurants, businesses and retail stores.

Optimize the map for more exposure

Optimizing your business to have maximum exposure is an important part of your strategy on Google Maps. Although being on the map is the first step and probably the most important, your work does not end there. Learn how to use Google to drive more traffic to your store. Here is a plan to help you get more traffic through the maps:

1 - Take advantage of Google for Business

Google wants to be as complete as possible, so it offers you a wealth of possibilities to input information about your business. Start by making sure your Google Map is as meticulous as possible. Add photos of your activity. Fill in the schedules. Put a link to your website. Google provides a forum where customers can leave a comment on your business; Whether it's negative or positive feedback, the key is to stay in the conversation and respond when a customer talks about your store on Google.

2- Be present on all supports

Your customers should be able to find you on all their mobile devices: smartphones, computers, tablets. By using the GPS, the user will be offered stores close to where he is. A small store will have more chance of being found with this option, and these are also more useful results for the user, since it is already in the vicinity. 

3 - Use keywords

Are there any keywords or product words associated with your undertaken eou activity? If you know that a customer will look for some word associated with your store, such as "purse", it is wise to make sure that "purse" is in your description on Google Maps. Think of the important keywords that a customer could use to describe your business and then include them in your description on Google.

4 - Encourage and respond to customer reviews

Be sure to encourage your customers to share their experiences on your Google Maps page. The actual customer feedback goes hand in hand with establishing a real trust and reputation in your community. Not only is it useful for prospective customers to read these comments, but Google uses the comments keywords to find places relevant to users.

5 - Optimize your website for mobile

Creating your list, optimizing information about your store, generating and responding to comments is a good start. But do not stop there. Do you happen when you have added a link to your website in your list for Google? Mobile commerce, and specifically purchases made on smartphones, is on the rise.
Most of the time, merchant websites are not optimized for mobile. And sometimes the mobile version of merchant sites makes it easy to find information through store locations and contact information. But guess what? Google Maps already gives your customers your location, directions and phone number, and now also the peak hours of your store . So the link of your website that you provide in Google Maps should direct these customers to a unique mobile experience for your online store. 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

9 Top Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Page

You've probably heard or know that being on Facebook is important and a missed opportunity for those who do not have a presence on it, especially if you do not install an optimized Facebook page.
Instead, you could reluctantly connect to Facebook, create a page, write a long sentence description of your activity, add a pixelized logo as a profile picture and then wait for the fans to start streaming in. BUT, that's not how it works if you want a Facebook page that will add value to your business!
Of course you can do all this and you will technically be on Facebook but you have basically wasted your time as few people of value will fall on your page and even few who will probably connect with you and become fans.
So what are you doing?
Investing a little time and energy NOW to install and optimize your Facebook page will take you to building a community of highly targeted fans.

1 - Choose the right type of page

To start creating your Facebook page, visit There you will see the six different page categories:
  • Location or Local Business (ideal for: companies with a physical location)
  • Company, Organization or Institution (ideal for: digital products)
  • Brand or Product (ideal for: product sold by multiple retailers)
  • Artist, Group or Public Person (ideal for: promotion yourself)
  • Entertainment (ideal for: TV shows, books, albums, podcasts)
  • Cause or Community (ideal for: short-term causes, local communities)
Each category has different drop-down menus except "Cause or Community". These drop-down menus allow you to choose a more detailed description of your activity and can also help you to choose the best category for the needs of your activity.
Remember, once you choose a category of page you are stuck with forever. You can return and change the type of activity within this category but you will not be able to change Cause or Community to Local Business or Location.

2 - Complete your "About" section

After you have chosen the category of your page you will be asked to fill in information relevant to your activity. It begins with the "About" section. This is one of the most important areas of your page since the search on Facebook and Google search for the information you include here.
To maximize your "About" section, try to insert the following:
  • Keywords : If you have done your homework and know the keywords that are attracting your ideal target, then this is the place to use them! However, do not make keyword stuffing. Make sure to use your keywords in a way that seems natural and not forced.
  • What You Do : This is crucial for those who have no idea who you are or what products and services are related to your business. Give visitors a quick and easy to understand description of what you are doing.
  • Who You Serve : Similarly, if you can speak directly to your ideal target then you have a chance to get a new Fan. Do you have a weight loss program specifically dedicated to busy moms? Say it then!
  • Some Credibility : Give a little insight into why your visitors should love your page and trust you. For example, in the section you can put that you have been mentioned in such or such a site or newspaper "
  • Complete it Fully! : If those who visit your page want to expand your section, then make sure you have all your information filled out. It's frustrating to try to get more information about an activity or business but find yourself unable to find anything on the Facebook page.
You should also make sure that you are using a link from your website in this section. This link could be your home page, a newsletter, a membership procedure page, or a product page.
The last part of this is the configuration of the section is your vanity URL or username as Facebook likes to call it. In the past, Facebook required you to have 15 fans before you can create your URL, but now, for pages, this can be done from the beginning!

3 - Choose your profile picture

When you create your page, Facebook will ask you to choose your profile image. Whatever you do, do not leave this blank because nothing seems worse than a page without profile image. It's like leaving the profile image of the egg on Twitter in which it denotes that a Page is probably not active.
When you choose your Profile Picture, keep in mind that it will automatically be cut into a square. Facebook says that it must be at least 180px x 180px, but you can triple the size of all our profile images normally so there is no loss of resolution when downloading. In this case, I recommend you make your profile image at least 540px x 540px.
You can use a corporate logo, product image, a close-up of the head, an upcoming event, or even become a little crazy and create a homogeneous (seamless) like this :

4 - Add your page to your favorites

This step of the process is quite simple as you do just one click during the configuration process.
By clicking the green 'Add to Favorites' button, your Page will automatically be added to the Favorites section of your Home screen, which is easier to access. Now it will appear in the left sidebar instead of going under the Pages menu.

5 - Enter the audiences of your page

When you arrive at the last step of the Page Setup process, you will be asked to designate your Preferred Page Attendance. No, you do not do this for your ad platform; This should define exactly what will be the demographics of your future fans so that they will see the majority of your publications.
If you're not sure what to put in this section, then there are other places where you can grab it!
  • Other Social Network Statistics: Although your audiences may change from one platform to another, it's a good place to start. If you think your subscribers on  Instagram can be similar to your Facebook fans, then take the statistics from Instagram and use them.
  • Use an Analytics Tool : You can use a combination of AgoraPulse and a tool called Simply Measured . You will see better who is engaging with you on social networks, and if your message needs to be modified to reach that ideal audience.
Now this option is not always available for older pages but with a bit of luck you will soon have access if you already have a Facebook page and make sure it is optimized.
If you want to see if your older page has this option or if you want to change your Page Hearing, you can do so by going to the Page Settings and clicking "Preferred Page Hearing" on the left.

6 - Download a cover photo

Cover photos can be one of the most under-exploited aspects of a page. For example, did you know that after you have downloaded a new cover you should return and add the copy to this photo so that people can find out more information?
Previously, you could not use your photo coverage to promote, but this is no longer the case. The 20% text rule is no longer in effect! Though, your coverage is not allowed to be "misleading, misleading or infringing someone's copyright" according to the Facebook Pages Terms.
To optimize your cover photo, I recommend that you double the size, as that no resolution is lost when you download it. This means that when you create it, do the 1702px x 630px photo.
And as I mentioned earlier, do not forget to add a description to your cover photo, so that those who click will get more information.

7 - Add a call to action link

At the end of 2014, Facebook announced that Pages could now want to have a CTA (call-to-action) button prominently displayed in their coverage photo area.
It was a HUGE ad to those with Pages because now our fans and visitors could perform an action of our choice with a pretty simple encouragement.
There are seven calls to action that a Page administrator can choose from:

8 - Create beautiful images

So far, I have spoken about seven ways to optimize your Facebook Ppage; However, this optimization does not stop after you have created the page, this continues with what you post on the page. Published good content is still a step in the optimization process.
Like on Facebook we use a lot of images, here are some tools to help you: Canva , Typorama , and  Word Swag . Canva is a desktop tool while the other three are mobile applications.

9 - Engage with your fans

Why engage with your fans is a part of the process to optimize your Facebook page? Because engaging with your fans is part of building a community that will love, will comment and share your publications.
This shows visitors that you are present and not of the type "I publish and I leave"; You can get great info on what your fans like by watching with what content they engage the most; If you are a business, you can use it as a customer service method.


These 9 tips for setting up a Facebook page by optimizing it are not only made for new Facebook pages, but can help those who are already creating a page but giving a little more optimization.
Taking the time to ensure that all parties are in place can help you develop your fan base, as well your trusted factor.

Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Followers On Twitter Using Organic Way

Some people still do not understand Twiter ...
Twitter is an influential social network for a long time now, but there are still people who do not understand its power (or how to use it).
This is particularly true when it comes to developing a large list of followers.
With a few small changes in your strategy on Twitter, you may be well on your way to winning folloers that will actively engage with your content.
Buying followers might seem like a good idea, but if they never engage with you - what good is it?
By winning followers in an organic way, you will have access to a group of highly committed users.
Here are 5 tips that can help you build a long list of Twitter followers on an organic basis.

1 - Get in the habit of Reply and Retweet

On Twitter you can have occasional conversations with your followers, showing all your human side. Some people or companies do not know how Twitter works and often make the mistake of only talking about themselves, and post jargon on each of their publications.
But to increase the number of followers on Twitter, you need to highlight yourself by having conversations with your existing followers and potential followers. These conversations must be natural and without any promotional content.
There is also a lot of reciprocity on Twitter. When someone follows you, be sure to check their profile and follow them if what they do is appropriate with your domain. Also, when you reply to a particular tweet, mention the user's name.
Retweeter is another good way to show courtesy on Twitter. If you see a publication on Twitter that is linked to your site or brand, retwee. You can also add your own comment in the tweet to personalize it.

2 - Deliver good content regularly

Those who regularly publish informative content are more likely to increase their number of followers. People like to read new information and the more information you share, the more engagement you have on your Twitter page.
Keep the 80/20 rule in mind when you publish. About 80% of the content you post should be purely informative while the remaining 20% ​​may be promotional. Also, try alternating with text and visual content. The visual content can be quite attractive and can attract more people.
From time to time, you may not find enough time to create content or look for content that might be of interest to your followers. In this situation, you can use a content discovery tool to help you.
Here are some tools you can use:
  • Storify allows you to find news and other content, and lets you create your own stories by adding images and text. You can then share your creations with others on your social networks.
  • Pocket is a content curation tool that lets you save content as you read on other sites to use later. With Pocket, you can easily group items and put labels to retrieve them easily.

3 - Monitor hashtags and popular topics

The small pound symbol on your phone is now part of an enormous technological culture. Hashtags are used to categorize the infinite flow of content on Twitter and can also facilitate the discovery of your tweetsfaciles. The use of good hashtags in your publications can be very advantageous as it helps to put your tweet on the radars of other users.
To be able to use hashtags successfully in your tweets, take a look at the popular hashtags that are relevant in your field. By posting your content, include some hashtags in the tweet - focus on a few. Do not overdo it.
Also look at popular topics and try to publish tweets that recognize specific events that happen in your neighborhood. In this way, your followers will know that you are also involved in what is going on around you.
Using hashtags in your tweets can be a good way to raise awareness about an upcoming event, and even a contest. You can also create and promote your own hashtags on Twitter.

4 - Engage in conversations with influential people on Twitter

Find influential people in your industry via Twitter. Mention them in your tweets and engage them in conversations that affect your business. These opinion leaders will in turn share your content, giving you more exposure to a larger network of users on Twitter. If you are not quite sure how to find these people, create lists on Twitter.
If you can make an influential person on Twitter mention you in a tweet, this can have a huge impact on the number of retweets or followers you may have. According to a survey by Augure, Twitter is the best channel to create working relationships with influential people in your industry.
However, it is important to be polite and to reciprocate. If an influential person makes mention of you, make sure to leave a tweet thanking them and of course, also retweave the publication to your subscribers.

5 - Promote your Twitter account

One of the easiest ways to earn more followers is by advertising your Twitter page. Create an attractive Twitter profile with an attractive header image and a relevant profile image. Yes, it means that your favorite dog or cat can not be your profile picture!
Write down the details of your Twitter page wherever possible. The best places are of course your own site or blog. You can also include your Twitter page at the end of your blog posts and also incorporate a Twitter feed on your blog page, or in the sidebar.
That does not stop right there. You can also promote your Twitter page even by being disconnected. Print it on brochures and business cards since this type of material is still used. You can also include your Twitter account in your email signature to get more exposure.

In summary

Twitter provides a multitude of opportunities for people who want to get known or make their business known. The key is to manage your Twitter account properly and be looking for new ideas and trends that can be used as part of your strategy.
Keep in mind these 5 tips on Twitter as you engage in a mission to win more followers. Publish good content, be courteous, get involved in conversations and discussions with your followers and influential people, and watch your followers grow!

Friday, 10 February 2017

How To Win Money With Instagram?

Instagram started as an image-sharing application with a tiny workforce.
He has found a fair balance in modern society that combines vanity, social networks and a shift to everything that is visual media.
And then one day, Mr. Zuckerberg decided to pay a billion dollars to acquire it.
Immediately, this has been a tool for many people: celebrities, politicians, marketers and even some first-rate companies.
Today Instagram is ranked 7th in the list of the top 15 Most Popular Social Network Sites with more than 100 million unique monthly users and more than 300 million active users posting photos and videos each day .
Apart from the 15-second video sharing option, we are all excited by the new Instagram feature expected by the end of this year: targeted ads that appear on the photo news feed Of users.
Paid ads mean more ways to make money.
If you are interested in monetizing your Instagram account, here are 9 ways to turn these images into income.

1 - Begin Building a Good Subscribers Base

Successful marketing on social networks is almost directly proportional to having a long list of subscribers.
Whether you've got your base of followers before or after your marketing efforts - you just need a significant amount of subscribers! The more you have, the more you "see" and the more likely you are to make sales.
There are several ways to expand the number of subscribers on Instagram. Here are some ways to do it: enjoy photos in your area, socialize with others, ask people to follow you, organize contests and more.
Do not forget to follow and post on several hashtags in your domain.

2 - Do not forget to include a link to your Blog or Website

Links to products and links to your blog are crucial when it comes to making money with Instagram!
Every image, video, or whatever you share should include a call to action (in this case, links to your blog or wherever they could buy the item).
Instagram does not currently allow clickable links to sites, so for now users will copy the link in their browser window (like the example below with

3 - Share Quality Images

Despite the new features, Instagram is, and has always been, sharing beautiful images.
Nothing will seduce your prospects or monetize your account more than beautiful images.
Show your subscribers a little more about your brand with images that seduce their visual senses. Highlight your products, tell them the history of your brand, create images by making a few changes and be creative.
If you are a yogurt sales service, share the pictures of your product and maybe other ways you could use this yogurt in recipes.
Watch how Starbucks  does this with the amazing images of Starbuck mugs and with their latest coffee creations.
Always make sure to share pictures of your latest products. For example, you could write a new book. Take a new photo of the cover and share it with a release date.

4 - Use the video function

If a picture is worth a thousand words - then what is a video worth (which includes practically thousands of pictures)? You do the math!
With the latest feature of Instagram (competing with the main rival, Vine) there is an option to share a video up to 15 seconds that can allow you to be even more creative.
Find a personal message for your fans and tell them why you think they should try out your new product. Or maybe you could share a 15 second video with a fast moving process on how you build your own creations.
There is no limit on the creativity you can have in creating videos!

5 - Involve your fans

Many fans and subscribers are inclined to approve your brand only to have a little recognition - and of course a publication of them on your profile. This is a good way to engage your subscribers as well as delegating quality content.
Give your subscribers a chance to submit their photos with your product, share their "experience" in a video, or whatever it is they like. The best could get discounts on your products, a small reward, or maybe just a little recognition by your brand.
Here is a great example of Starbucks in a video with the contribution of a fan after they have presented the Autumn mug.

6 - Organize contests or events

Make people love your pictures and follow you because you are organizing a new campaign or a new event.
Offer exclusive deals for a short period of time and keep informing your users with a countdown timer.
Sharing special promotions or coupons is another way to involve your subscribers in a contest and turn prospects into customers. Ask them to click on I like or tag a friend.

7 - Share customer testimonials

Find happy customers and then upload images or videos showing them using your product.
There is nothing more convincing than a handful of images, videos, or testimonials that provide social proof.

8 - Make a popular person do the work for you

If you know a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, you are a lucky one!
But, of course, not everyone has direct access to the Kardashians, let alone their Instagram profile.
However, there are other people who have enormous subscribers on Instagram and are much more accessible. For example, if you are selling women's clothes, look for popular online people like fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, or experts on social networks that have a good subscriber base.
Many fashion bloggers are inclined to share the brands they wear and why buying a specific brand would be a good idea. This is a good way to generate traffic with links to your blog as well as hashtags of your brand on Instagram.

9 - There is an application for everything

Use an app to do a good deal of work for you!
The number of tools to boost your marketing on Instagram is enormous.
But here are the best:
  • Iconosquare : This is a tool that provides users on Instagram with advanced statistics about their profile as the total number of "I Love" received, the average number of likes and comments per photo, the most liked photos, Charts on subscriber growth and more .
  • Repost (app itunes or android) : Allows you to re-post an image from another Instagram user by always giving them the credit.
  • Postso : This is a planning application that makes your life easier. Plan your publications, specify a location, sit back and relax.
  • Piquora : This is a visual marketing application that will make a curation and will suggest the best photos for your posts that can sort content based on geography, language and specific locations.